Sun Dried QQ Noodles

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Kissed by the sun and dried to perfection, our QQ noodles are all about that satisfying slurp. With their springy and bouncy texture, these premium noodles will become your go-to when looking to whip up a quick and easy meal.

+ Made with traditional method of sun-drying to preserve maximum freshness  ☀️

+ Individually packaged noodle blocks = no more shattered noodles!

+ Great for stir-fry noodles, soupy noodles, or even cold noodles

+ All natural ingredients with no preservatives & vegan friendly

+ Includes (2) bags, each containing (6) single packs

PS: in Taiwan, QQ is often used to describe a tender yet chewy texture

Wheat flour, water, salt

Contains: wheat

Bring water to a boil, add noodles and cook for 6-7 minutes for best taste and texture. Add other sauces and ingredients as desired.

Store at room temperature.
Avoid direct sunlight.

Sun dried with love

To ensure best quality and maintain freshness, our noodles go through a meticulous drying process in a special sun room for at least 12 hours. Not only does the exposure to UV rays prevent the growth of bacteria on the noodles, but the sun drying method actually gives them a slightly more chewy yet tender texture!

Customer Reviews

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Kara A.

As an avid noodle lover, this is a hit!!! The qq noodles are so yummy, especially with mama chili oil it’s sooooooo good :) Wish I was able to snag the trio sauces in time so I could taste them all hehe. These noodles are a must, buy them and try it out <3

donna m.

I absolutely love these noodle! Great chew, silky, chef's kiss!!

Sabrina B.
Want more Amazing Cut Noodles

OMWOW!!! I can't see myself going back and eating to store bought noodles again. I missed out purchasing the package deal of the noodles and oils. But will keep on trying!!!


These are my all time favorite noodles! They have the perfect texture and are so versatile. 10/10

Jody H.
So happy with my noodles!

I have enjoyed every thing that I have made with these noodles. I was very excited to see the restock. Looking forward to the next one!