Golden Shallot Oil

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Made with hand-peeled red shallots from Taiwan, Golden Shallot Oil is a flavor booster that elevates your meals with a burst of umami-packed deliciousness. Whether you sauté with it or use as a finishing touch, this is the secret sauce your pantry needs.

+ Red shallots that’ve been slowly fried to golden brown perfection in garlic-infused oil

+ Use as topping for an extra layer of depth and texture

+ All natural ingredients with no preservatives

+ Gluten-free & vegan friendly

Soybean salad oil, red shallots, purple onions, garlic

Contains soy

Store in a cool, dark place.

Refrigerate after opening.

Mix well before use.

The inspiration

In Taiwan, red shallots are a common ingredient found in various local dishes. They’re often included to impart fragrance and depth to stir-fry dishes, or as a crunchy and delicious topping to classics like Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Belly Rice). To bring you a taste of this, we’ve hand-peeled red shallots, fried them to perfection in garlic-infused oil, then packaged them into our Golden Shallot Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Sabrina B.
Unbelievable Oil

My first purchase with Kaidong Golden Shallot oil and it is AMAZING!!! I want to try all the oils but keep missing buying the tro!!! I WANT TO BUY THEM ALL!!!!

Love, love, love!!!

I love the taste of the Golden Shallot oil. It’s so good, I can eat a spoonful right out of jar…is that so wrong?!?!

Mareta E.
More more more!!

Sell it by the bottle!! We need bigger versions of your sauces. Golden shallot oil for the win! It is so soooooooo good. Like fr!


So good, I love making noodle soup with this product! One of mine and my husband's favorite oil!


There are a few reasons I love this product, its delicious, versatile and made of great ingredients without an additives. I have already apmost used one up. I use it for noodles, salads, stirfrys, sauce you name it. I love this product