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Here at kai dong, we pride ourselves in our unwavering commitment to taste and quality. We're dedicated to enhancing your cooking experience at home, one sauce at a time!

kai dong, or “Let’s eat!” in Mandarin, is a phrase often used to kickstart a highly anticipated meal.

Our founder Tiffy first found her passion for cooking in college, when she had no access to Asian cuisine and began experimenting with food in her dorm. In 2022, when she returned to Taiwan for the first time in 7 years, Tiffy was impressed by the amazing food culture and the convenience of it all! While Asian cuisine has slowly found its way into the mainstream market, Tiffy knew there was still a gap to be filled. From this realization, kai dong was born.

Here at kai dong, we’re bringing the incredible flavors of Asia straight to your kitchen. With premium ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, kai dong makes it simple for you to enjoy delectable Asian dishes without sacrificing the taste or quality.

Our community plays a crucial role in shaping our brand – we love to empower our community through active listening and continuous learning. We believe that food is not just fuel, but a cultural experience that brings people together.

Join us and experience the best of Asian flavors with kai dong! 🥢