kai dong Umami Set

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Embark on an flavor journey with our kai dong Umami Set!

In this set:

  • Four Season Scallion Sauce x 2: slow simmered scallions, vintage-aged soy sauce... what more could you ask for?
  • Mama's Chili Oil x 1: with over 6 speciality spices, this oil has layered flavors that will tantalize your tongue
  • Golden Shallot Oil x 1: perfectly crunchy and caramelized, this is a great garnish for your dishes
  • Hand Cut Noodles x 3: sun-kissed and hand crafted thick noodles, perfect for soaking up our sauces
  • QQ Noodles x 3: tender yet chewy, these savory and bouncy noodles are made for slurping

+ Each bag of noodles contains (6) single packs

+ All natural ingredients with no preservatives

+ Vegan friendly

Sun Dried Hand Cut Noodles

Wheat flour, water, salt

Contains wheat

Sun Dried QQ Noodles

Wheat flour, water, salt

Contains wheat

Mama's Chili Oil

Dried red chili, sunflower oil, garlic, Sichuan peppercorn oil (soybean oil, Sichuan peppercorn), sesame oil (soybean oil, sesame oil), prickly ash oil (prickly ash fruit, rapeseed oil), ground Sichuan peppercorn, salt, red shallots, Korean chili powder, sugar, star anise, bay leaf

Contains soy and sesame

Golden Shallot Oil

Soybean salad oil, red shallots, purple onions, garlic

Contains soy

Four Season Scallion Sauce

Soy sauce (water, non-GMO soybeans, wheat, salt, alcohol), sugar, dark soy sauce (sugar, water, caramel color (E150a), salt, non-GMO soybeans, wheat), sunflower oil, onions, salt, scallions

Contains soy and wheat

How to cook our Sun Dried Hand Cut & QQ Noodles:

Bring water to a boil, add noodles and cook for 6-7 minutes for best taste and texture. Add other sauces and ingredients as desired.

For Sun Dried Hand Cut & QQ Noodles:

Store at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.

For Mama's Chili Oil, Golden Shallot Oil and Four Season Scallion Sauce:

Store in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate after opening. Mix well before use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sam L.
yummy in my tummy

really love these noodles and sauces. the four season scallion sauce is a DREAM. so delicious.

Bianca H.

I missed the initial release but luckily got it during the re-stock and it was as good as I had hoped! My favorite is the Scallion oil and both the noodles have great texture. I loved that the noodles are air-dried and these are def a pantry staple :) Shipping was a little long but totally worth it and would buy again 100/10 !!

Kanvasi T.
Great set but sauce needs a tad more salt

This is a great set. Lots of noodle and 4 jars of the sauces. The noodle is great and has great texture. The sauces are almost great. The smell is very nice and has good flavor but not salty enough once you mix in the noodle.

Can't wait for another re-stock!

Best purchase ever! The sauces are AMAZING and the noodles are phenomenal! I love that the ingredients are minimal and non gmo but most of all the flavor is FANTASTIC! Patiently waiting for another re-stock. KAIDONG!!